Frequently Asked Questions

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What's Pinch?

Pinch is a new app that allows you to create your own way to help people nearby and earn money.

What kinds of help can I offer?

Anything you can do in person in a relatively short period of time. Its all about using your free time to help others and earn money. Be creative, be fun, or just do what’s easy or what you’re good at. Here are some of the things people are signing up to offer:

“I’ll build a snowman on your lawn for $10”

“I’ll take down your christmas lights for $30”

“I’ll do your hair and make-up at your office for $80”

“I’ll come interrupt a bad blind date for $5”

“I’ll clear snow off your car for $10”

“I’ll come serenade for you on a date for $30”

“I’ll take notes for your class today for $15”

“I’ll come give you a 15 min. shoulder rub for $10”

“I’ll give you a walking tour of Boston for $50”

“I’ll do your delivery run to take any package across town for $20”

“I’ll be your wingman for the night for 20”

“I’ll be your running buddy today for $15”

“I’ll shop with you to pick out a present for your girlfriend for $30”

“I’ll come train with you at the gym for $25”

“I’ll be your personal security for the night for $75”

“I’ll come DJ your get together tonight for $90”

“I’ll come prepare a gourmet dinner for your special celebration for $110”

“I’ll teach you how to bartend or bartend your next poker night for $70”

“I’ll caddy your next golf outing and be your swing coach for $120”

Can I offer multiple kinds of help?

Yes! Create different kinds of help you’re willing to offer and choose which ones you want to do at any given time or day.

Are there set hours?


Who determines my work hours?

You! But don’t call it “work” – consider it having fun, doing what you like, helping someone out, and earning money.

How much will I earn?

All depends on you. You create the kind of help you want to offer and you set your price. When people need help, they browse through the selection of offers on the app. If they like what you offer, they tap and buy the help from you. It’s that simple. No bidding or bargaining.

Are there any fees I pay to be Pinch Pro?

There are no fees to be a Pinch Pro and offer help. We promote you and do the work of getting people to request your help. You keep 80% of price paid for every help you complete. If you complete 5 or more helps in a week, then you keep 85% of the price paid for each one. If you complete 10 or more helps in a week, then you keep 90% of the price paid for each one. Plus you’ll get named as a Pinch Pro Jedi (we haven’t decided on the official title yet, but it’ll be something cool and worthy of your awesomeness).

How do I get paid?

All transactions are cashless, meaning people pay and you get paid instantly via the Pinch app. You just link up your bank account info., collect your earnings in your Pinch Wallet, and cash out any time you want. We use a third-party payment processor called Stripe which means two things: (1) we never see or store your bank info. and (2) you can rest assured about security because Stripe is used by a bunch of major companies and employs things like AES-256 encryption. You can view their complete description of security measures at

What if I have out-of-pocket costs in helping someone? Do I get reimbursed?

The price you set for your offer to help should factor in any out-of-pocket costs. Otherwise, you can discuss directly with the “buyer" on how much to spend and how much the buyer is willing to reimburse you.

How will I communicate with the buyer?

All communications are done with our in-app messages. No need for anyone to give out their cell or email. Everyone keeps their privacy.

Can I refer others to be a Pinch Pro?

Yes! Not only can you, but its the best thing you can do for friends! Help your friends find their own creative ways to help others and earn money. They'll thank you!

Where will Pinch Pro be available?

Our first launch will be limited to Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods. If you’d like us to come to your neighborhood beyond Boston, let us know at The more people petition us to come, the faster we’ll make Pinch available in your area.

When can I start and how do I get started?

Pinch Pro is going live end of January. Sign up now to be included in the first group of Pinch Pros at launch. We’ll also include you on invites to upcoming exclusive events just for our Pinch Pros.

Ready to become a Pinch Pro?

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